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Look For The Silver Lining

Produced by Peter Kavanaugh and Kevin Jarvis. Recorded and mixed by Kevin Jarvis at Sonic Boom Room Venice, CA. Mastered by Dave Schultz at D2 Mastering Los Angeles, CA.

Peter KavanaughGuitar
D.J. BonebrakeVibraphone (tracks 1-3, 5-8), drums (track 4)
Jonathan Dane – Trumpet (tracks 1,6,7)
Kyle O’Donnell Saxophone (tracks 5,8)
Javier Vergara
Saxophone (track 3)
Korey Simeone
Violin (track 7)
David Tobocman
– Electric piano (tracks 4,9)
Paul Eckman
Upright and electric bass
Mark San FilippoDrums (tracks 1-3, 5-9)

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Review in April '17 Downbeat Magazine

Member, 2017 LA County Musicians Roster


  1. LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING (4:03) — *recommended single
    Rework of a Jerome Kern classic that builds anticipation to lyrical guitar, vibraphone and trumpet solos, weaving in strains from “I Can See Clearly Now (The Rain Is Gone).”
  1. EAST OF THE SUN (WEST OF THE MOON) (5:15) Lightly swinging standard by Brooks Bowman that shines with interwoven chords and textures of guitar and vibraphone with poignant solos.
  1. IT’S A RAGGY WALTZ (4:39) This arrangement mixes up Brubeck’s unorthodox waltz with extended bass vamps and solos on guitar, vibraphone and a Coltrane-like explosion of riffs and flourishes on sax.
  1. SUNNY (3:45) — *recommended single
    A driving, funky instrumental take on Bobby’s Hebb’s jazz-pop classic, fortified with electric piano and electric bass, punctuated by syncopated guitar and keyboard solos.
  1. LET’S FALL IN LOVE (3:41) Guitar swings the main melody of this Harold Arlen standard, with peppy solos on guitar and saxophone, while the rhythm section gets in a feature as well.
  1. I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TIME IT WAS (5:42) Peter’s haunting arrangement of this Rodgers and Hart masterpiece inserts dark and brooding chordal textures at the front and back, and contrasts 6/8 waltz with 4/4 swing.
  1. LA ROSITA (5:11) * recommended single
    A lesser-known tango by Paul Dupont covered by Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster in the 50’s, this interpretation layers trumpet and violin on top of the guitar/vibraphone-anchored ensemble in a playful, dignified arrangement.
  1. OUR DAY WILL COME (4:45) This take on an early R&B gem sways gently in the breeze with a light bossa nova groove and sunny solos on guitar and saxophone.
  1. BLUE AND THEN YOU (5:16) An original composition that contrasts minor blues and upbeat jazzy choruses — all laid out on a soulful 6/8 groove with guitar and electric piano solos.

L.A. guitarist, bandleader, and composer Peter Kavanaugh’s 2015 debut “Whisper Not” was played on over 50 radio stations, and Jazziz Magazine called it “A refreshingly old-school approach to songbook standards.” His 2016 follow-up “Look for the Silver Lining” built on his guitar- and vibraphone-based West Coast Jazz sound with more horns, more blues and more fresh arrangements with critically acclaimed results. In a 4-star review, Downbeat Magazine praised, “Look for the Silver Lining says all it has to say without overstaying its welcome. That’s admirable in an era when “extended” recordings often try to make up for a lack of quality with quantity.”    
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Peter Kavanaugh Quartet Live Show Clip Reel


“The thing that attracts me to older music is that the average person could understand and interpret music with rich harmonic content and deep chord changes. It makes these songs timeless. If you take a standard, you can do it as an a cappella vocal, two instruments, or full orchestra…they are in this perfect 32-bar package that really stands alone. Anyone can approach a song like that in a unique way, take that 32-bar package and really make it their own. I guess I’m one part preservationist and interpreter of the American songbook, but I have a really specific tonal vision and I like to inject unexpected elements into songs from the great 20th century composers.”


 “Whisper Not” (2015)

A refreshingly old-school approach to songbook standards … he allows the original harmonies and melodies to shine, even as he overlays tones and textures from his vast library.” — Jazziz Magazine

“A choice selection of tunes played to perfection.” — Bebop Spoken Here

Played on over 50 national radio stations including
Charlotte Jazz Channel, NC
PubJazz — National
Pittsburgh Jazz Channel
KJZZ Phoenix, Ariz.
KKJZ Long Beach, Cal.
KRCC Colorado Springs, Col.
KSDS San Diego, Calif.
KNTU, Dallas-Ft.Worth, Tex.
WBAA, West Lafayette, IN
WQLN Erie, Penn.
WNMC Traverse City, MI
WRIR Richmond, Vir.
WWNO New Orleans, La.
and internet radio stations
TheLoungeSound.CA, RadioSkyMusic.com
and ThePenthouseRadio.com

"Poinciana" appeared on Jazziz Summer '16 CD Sampler